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Mar 11

New Building – Framing

Just as the concrete was finished and our builders were ready to start with the framing, it started raining.   We sorely needed the rain because the honey harvest we poor and the golden rod and aster was the last chance to top off the  the honey supers for winter.

The builders …

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Mar 06

New Building – Credit and Funding

Before I get too far into the building saga.   I should give a hats off (which is saying a lot coming from a beekeeper) to Farm Credit Services.   Without their help we could never have started this building project. We had attempted for a couple years to get a business loan, SBA …

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Mar 03

New Building – Foundation

Our contractors started digging the footer for our new storage building in August.  That part went smoothly.   Their backhoe that was much bigger than our small Kubota BX22 made short work of the remains of the one tree stump we just couldn’t remove.  We had been chipping away at it for nearly a week …

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Feb 25

Old Barn Cleanup

We were able to clean up most of the wood on the barn in the fall.   The foundation took a lot longer.  In part because bee season had started,  but also because of the weight and amount of the flagstone and brick foundation and concrete floor.   The good news was that there was no reinforcing …

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