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6 +3 Medium Frame Nucs with New World Carniolan Queen, Pickup Only – Very Limited Quantities  - $140 (SOLD OUT for 2014)

We are currently booked on our Ohio nucs!

We will have a limited number of nucs available for 2014 starting in late May.  They are stocked with 6 frames of bees, brood and honey, from our overwintered Ohio stock, a new marked 2014 NWC queen, 4 additional new frames with foundation in a standard 10 frame medium box.  The box is painted and ready to be used on your hive, no need to transfer frames.  Just place it on your bottom board (after removing the temporary bottom board and top) and add additional brood boxes and supers as needed.  Those wishing to use deep brood boxes may just place their deep boxes on top and rotate the boxes once the queen has moved up.

We do not have deep nucs available from our stock because we run  all medium frames in our entire operation



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