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Opencart Extentions

Recently I’ve been playing with Opencart as a possible replacement for our current (and possibly now previous) shopping cart osCommerce.   While osCommerce has a lot of community support and nearly all enhancements are free, the software is aging with little promise of being updated soon (Version 3 has been in development now for years).   And the other big issue with osCommerce has been the manual effort to update and maintain the code.   Opencart has more built in features and many of the extentions require no manual writing of code which is a huge plus even to a programmer.

These are a few of the extensions I’ve developed to get the features I need into Opencart:

UPS Alternate – This shipping module allows for multiple packages and estimates package size.   This is a significant improvement over the built in UPS module that assumes one box size and that the entire order can ship in that one box.  

USPS Alternate – Just like the above UPS shipping module, this module estimates box sizes and can split up shipments into multiple box sizes.  It also can utilize small medium and large flat rate boxes.

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