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We offer New World Carniolan queens for sale starting approximately late April thru August. We are a small queen producer by commercial standards so quantities are limited and our northern climate limits when they can be raised.

Our breeder queens are obtained directly from Sue Cobey’s New World Carniolan Breeding program. These queens have been selected for productivity, rapid spring buildup, overwintering ability, tracheal mite resistance, hygienic behavior, pollen collection, gentle temperament and high brood viability. We have been impressed with their performance and with their calm gentle nature they are a pleasure to work.

See our Queen Orders page for terms and prices. Quantities are limited especially early in the season so order early. Please any questions or to check availability.  



Other Queen Bee Suppliers:

For a complete list of breeders of all breeds see our queen producer directory.

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2014 NWC Queen Price List

Queens will be available April 28th though September 1st

We are currently booked until July 7th

Open Mated New World Carniolan Queens


 1-5 6-10 11-19 20+  $25.00 $23.00 $21.00 $21.00



All queens are marked. The color for 2014 is green. Shipping is not …

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Queen FAQ

Are these queens Laying? Our open mated queens are mated and have begun laying before they are shipped.  Virgin queens however have not been mated and will make mating flights from your hives after introduction and will mate with drones in your area.



How are queens shipped? Queens may be shipped via Priority …

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Queen Introduction

These instructions are based on our observations on the care and introductions of queens.   There are many other methods and techniques published, however, these methods have proven to be simple and reliable for us.    Still, even under the best circumstances, queen introduction cannot be guaranteed and is subject to conditions outside control of the queen …

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USPS Shipping Restrictions

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