Instrumental Insemination Websites

Honey Bee Breeding Program

Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Laboratory – Ohio State University
Susan Cobey, Staff Apiarist at Ohio State Universtiy since 1990, maintains the New World Carniolan breeding program, which she originated in 1981 at Vaca Valley Apiaries in California. The program also serves as a training model for the specialized beekeeping short courses offered to provide beekeepers with the tools for stock improvement.
(Note: Susan Cobey offers a very informative video on instrumental insemination and gives highly recommended courses on queen rearing and instrumental insemination)

Honey Bee Insemination Service

The Leader in Providing Instrumental Insemination Training, Consulting, Equipment and Service to the Industry and Research Community, Worldwide!

Ohio Queen Breeders

Ohio Queen Breeders maintains one of the largest breeding programs in the United States that specializes in the production of instrumentally inseminated breeder queens and is widely recognized as an industry leader in supplying the highest level of inseminated breeder queens.  We also offer a full line of instrumental insemination equipment for those interested in establishing or advancing their own breeding program.

Instrumental Insemination Discussion Group [II-List]

A group for the discussion and dissemination of ideas, methods and equipment details related to the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees.

Instrumental Insemination of Honey Bee Queens

David A. Cushman’s page on Instrumental Insemination

Instrumental Insemination of Bee Queens

I believe this is Prof. Dr. P. Schley’s webpage, available in both English and Dutch

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