Instrumental Insemination Articles

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The Effect of Different Diluents on Insemination Success in the Honeybee Using Mixed Semen

by Robin F. A. Mortz, 1983

Simplified apparatus for instrumental insemination of queen bees with the “flexible insemination technique’

by Kuhnert and Laidlaw

Laidlaw-Gross Queen Bee Pre-Set Artificial Insemination Instrument

by Harry H. Laidlaw, Jr. Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis and John R. Goss, Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis

“JEWELS FOR THE QUEEN” The New Ruby Jewel Sting Hook

Susan Cobey,

Instrumental Insemination of Queen of Queen Bees – 1985

by John R Harbo, Research Entomlgist, Bee Breeding & Stock Center Laboratory

Instrumental Insemination Equipment:  Sophistication and Simplification in Designs

by Susan Cobey, Ohio State University

An Important Improvement in the Insemination Technique of Queen Honey Bees

by Dr. Peter Schley, Justus Liebig University

Innovations in Instrumental Insemination

The Compact, Versatile Right & Left handed Schley Model II Instrument
by Susan Cobey, Ohio State University and Peter Schley

Preparations Of Virgins And Drones For Instrumental Insemination

by Susan Cobey

The Development of Instrumental Insemination

First of a Series
by Susan Cobey, Instrumental Insemination Service

Instrumental Insemination: Current Developments and Its Application Today

Part II (of 4)
by Susan Cobey, Instrumental Insemination Service

Drone Rearing for Instrumental Insemination

Part III of a Four-part Series
by Susan Cobey, Instrumental Insemination Service

Instrumental Insemination: The Possibility of Semen Storage

Part IV – Conclusion
by Susan Cobey, Instrumental Insemination Service

Breeding And Genetics Of Honey Bees

by John R. Harbo and Thomas E. Rinderer

The extraordinary honey bee mating strategy and a simple field dissection of the spermatheca

by Susan Cobey, Ohio State University

The Biological Basis for Breeding the Honey Bee

by Dr. Gard W. Otis, Department of Environmental Biology, University of Guelph

Breeding Improved Honey Bees

I. Bee Breeding and Animal Breeding
by William C. Robers and Otto Mackenson
U.S.D.A. Agr. Res. Adm. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine

Closed Population Honeybee Breeding

by Robert E. Page, Jr. and Harry H Laidlaw Jr.

The Genetic Basis of Disease

Chapter 9 of “Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding” by Laidlaw and Page

The Harbo Large Capacity Syringe

For Instrumental Insemination Of Honey Bee Queens
Susan Cobey, Honey Bee Insemination Service

The Development of Honey Bee Instrumental Insemination

A Tribute to Dr. Harry H. Laidlaw, Jr.
Apiculture Program, Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University

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