Instrumental Insemination

Instrumental Insemination is an invaluable tool when breeding queens. It is the only method by which controlled mating can be guaranteed and selection for desirable traits is possible.

Instrumental Insemination Resources
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Articles on Instrumental Insemination and Bee Breeding

Other Websites on Instrumental Insemination of Honey Bees

Instrumental Insemination Training, Classes, Books and Videos

Instrumental Insemination Equipment and Supplies

Instrumental Insemination Services

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Instrumental Insemination Articles

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The Effect of Different Diluents on Insemination Success in the Honeybee Using Mixed Semen

by Robin F. A. Mortz, 1983

Simplified apparatus for instrumental insemination of queen bees with the “flexible insemination technique’

by Kuhnert and Laidlaw

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Instrumental Insemination Equipment & Supplies

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Instrumental Insemination Services

Currently I’m aware of a couple people/companies that offer instrumental insemination services such as custom insemination and consulting.¬† If you know of any others let me know at

Honey Bee Insemination Service

The Leader in Providing Instrumental Insemination Training, Consulting, Equipment and Service to the Industry and Research Community, Worldwide!

Latshaw …

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Instrumental Insemination Training, Classes, Books and Videos

This page is under construction, check back soon.

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Instrumental Insemination Websites

Honey Bee Breeding Program

Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Laboratory – Ohio State University Susan Cobey, Staff Apiarist at Ohio State Universtiy since 1990, maintains the New World Carniolan breeding program, which she originated in 1981 at Vaca Valley Apiaries in California. The program also serves as a training model for the specialized beekeeping short courses …

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