Welcome to Honey Run Apiaries.   Please forgive the mess as we are completely redoing our website to make it easier to maintain and expand.    It is the off season now for beekeeping so it’s an opportune time to upgrade the website.   Please let us know of any broken links you may find or if you think we missed including something important.  In the mean time, here are some of the important  pages from the old site:

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New Online Store

Our old online store has had a good run, but the software is showing its age and we have a lot more product in stock than what was viewable online.   So we’ve taken some time this winter to migrate over to a new online store that will give us more options in the future.   We’ve …

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Open Mated NWC Queens Available

Every year throws a different set of challenges in beekeeping.  This year it was the terribly cold March and April that delayed the start of the season.   Even this week we had one customer delay his order because they had snow on the ground this week in Wisconsin. 

The good news is we are now …

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