Apr 27

Swarm Season

[singlepic id=43 w=280 float=right]Swarm season isn't quite upon us yet, but look out.  With many hives building up weeks ahead of last year I expect the swarm calls to start early this year.  In my own yards I supered many of the strong hives last Sunday (the 18th) because I haven't been around to split them all for mating nucs and it's not quite time to split for nucs to sell.  I'm glad I did because by the following Friday many were half full of honey and some even had brood in them already.  The picture was taken Friday, just 5 days after adding the super to a hive that already was 4 mediums in height.

Another tell tale sign is that I'm getting a request or two every day from someone that wants added to our swarm list.  If the bees aren't thinking of swarming yet, the beekeepers sure are.

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