Mar 06

New Building – Credit and Funding

Before I get too far into the building saga.   I should give a hats off (which is saying a lot coming from a beekeeper) to Farm Credit Services.   Without their help we could never have started this building project.
We had attempted for a couple years to get a business loan, SBA loan, personal loan or anything we could do to get the funds to make it happen.  And while every bank we went to liked our credit scores, the significant amount we had to put down, and saw that the business could pay for the loan (I do have a full time job as well), none wanted to do anything more than refinance our home.   Even the banks that claimed they specialized or were the biggest SBA lender in Ohio gave us the same song and dance.  We had all but given up and though we would have to simply save up the money for the next many years before we could start.

But after reading an ad in the Farm Bureau newsletter,  I looked up Farm Credit Services.  They only work with farmers, but we qualified based on our beekeeping.  I contacted our local office in Delphos, took in the paperwork I had given to all the previous lenders (literally everything they would ever need), and in 2 days I received a call telling me I was approved and to let them know when we had started building and when I wanted the check.  Not only was I approved, but it was the easiest loan process I’ve ever been involved with (that’s including 2 home purchases and several refinances).  It was also much cheaper than a refinance and the interest rate was far less that what I was previously quoted for a business loan.

So thank you Farm Credit Services.  You have made this project possible.

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