May 17

Found, Your 2 cents at the Post Office!

Parcel post, wastefull packagingAs I’m sure  most in the US already know, the Post Office recently raised the cost of a First Class stamp from 39 to 41 cents.  They also raised the cost of most of their other services significantly.  This especially affects priority and express mail which in turn affects the cost to ship honey and queens.  (To the extent I’m now taking a loss on shipping for all pre-paid queen orders I still can fill).  In addition, they now are also charging by the size of the package (similar to what UPS does).  So your larger light weight packages will cost more to send.

Parcel Post Address I do understand the cost of labor, benifits (especially health), and transportation have gone up significantly.  All major costs to the post office.  So I do understand their need to raise prices.  But when I receive a package from the Post Office, like the one pictured at the right,  that contains plastic envelopes for international shipments, I begin to wonder.  For some reason they felt the flexible and virtually indestructible envelopes needed extra padding via on of those air bags.  It’s obviously extra cost, labor, a bigger package, and completely unnecessary (and something they didn’t do before the price increase).  I think I just found where my 2 cents went!

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  1. Tim Arheit

    FYI, I have more recently ordered more of those plastic envelopes, and they are still packaged the same way. It’s as if the postal employee is paid on volume they package and not number of packages. I should also note that because of the balloon in the envelope, it got caught in their sorting machines, was torn open and some of the envelopes were damaged. Looks like we’ll need another postage increase in 2008 to pay for that.

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