Nov 08

Photo Gallery

I have a fair number of beekeeping photos taken over the past several years but only have posted a small handful of them on the website because it’s generally been a pain to do so because they were static pages. Not easy to change, add to or search. So this past weekend I added a feature that’s been long missing from this site, a Photo Gallery.

It is a fairly basic photo gallery, but integrated fairly well with the site. Currently I only have pictures from this year’s queen rearing class posted, but I\’ll add more periodically now that it\’s fairly easy to do. You can view it here:

I should also note, the queen rearing class pictured was done in conjunction with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association‘s queen program. As part of the program, classes on queen rearing were given by 8 of the regional coordinators at various times thought the summer throughout the state. I believe they intend to hold these classes again in 2008 and if you think you may be interesting in attending one of them, and I\’ll make sure you get on the announcement list for the classes.

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