Mar 29

New Web Host

With the new look to the website, we’ve also outgrown our old web host due to too much usage on a shared server.  Part of the high usage was self inflicted by using some non-optimal code, but even after fixing the problems I couldn’t get the usage down to where the host needed it to be.  

So, I pulled out my old unix hat from college days and moved up to a full fledged cloud/vps server.   It’s basically a virtual server running on a portion of a much bigger server.  So far it’s running circles around the old shared hosting in terms of speed, but the nameserver was just switched tonight to point at the new host so we aren’t seeing the traffic yet.

I do have to put in a plug for the new hosting service, togglebox.com.   Their prices were good, but their support has been even better.   Just tonight I contacted them twice and had an answer in minutes.   That’s a faster response than what I’ve gotten from our host at work where we are spending many, many times as much.  The jury is still out, but so far I’m impressed.  Togglebox (or any vpn server) isn’t for everyone as you need to be able to manage linux and setup and install your own web server, etc.   But for those who can and need that level of server, it looks great.

We still have a number of things to fix, in part due to the move from php4 to php5, but that will just take time.  

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