Apr 12

New Name

Ranco ETC SupplierDue to the popularity of the Ranco digital temperature controls we started selling on the Honey Run Apiaries website and the confusion and questions as to how beekeeping and HVAC temperature controls go together, we started a new website specializing in just the temperature controls.  The new site did well enough that we were able to both expand our inventory and hired an employee to help out both with filling and assembling orders as well as the beekeeping.  Still far from enough for me to do it full time, but a great thing for the employee who had been laid off previously.

Unfortunately after several years with this new business one of the manufacturers thought our name was too similar and we were asked to change our name.   I do see their point as we still have people wanting to return their Ronco Pocket Fisherman because we carry parts with a similar brand (though by the website it should obvious we aren't them).  But it's not worth the legal fight, so I'm happy to announce the new site www.ETCSupply.com even though it's been up and running for several weeks now.  So if you need a Ranco, Johnson, Honeywell or other HVAC control  (especially if you are going to build a queen cell incubator or honey warmer) we'd be happy to help.

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