Aug 27


So I’ve finally gone and joined the crowd. I started a blog. Of course I’m far from the first beekeeper to keep a blog, journal or diary. Some have kept on paper for years, and Allen Dick has kept ‘A Beekeepers Diary’ before blogs became popular.

But in spite of it’s current popularity, this format does seem to fit my purpose pretty well. I often find myself wanting to post less formal articles than I typically post on my website. Those formal ones take quite some effort to write, spellcheck (something I’m bad at), format, reformat, edit, proofread and gather the appropriate pictures to complement the article. But the blog format really lends itself to a much less formal journal or diary style. Hopefully someone will still find the information in these posts just as usefull as my formal website in spite of the blog buzzword. (It’s even on NPR so I guess that makes it ok?)

Permanent link to this article: http://www.honeyrunapiaries.com/blog/other-stuff/introduction/

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