Dec 11

Hive Tool From Menards


The hive tool is used by nearly every beekeeper.   While it comes in a few styles, the most common version of the hive tool has made an appearance in home improvement stores in recent years.   It’s no real surprise as the hive tool has hundreds of uses and I always have one in my toolbox, even when I’m not working bees.

The standard hive tool makes a great pry bar for removing trim, tiles, etc.   A putty knife, scraper, and much more.  I’ve even used it to plant tomatoes and as a screw driver when I’ve been in a real pinch.  (I’m waiting to see one show up as a murder weapon on Bones or CSI)

I’ve seen them before in Sears (with the crow bars), Home Depot (with the paint scrapers) and most recently at Menards (on the right).  Red Devil makes one as well.  Typically they are more expensive than from a bee supply company by a few dollars.  The one from Menards did include two other small crow bars for $8.  Not a bad deal.  No idea if they are going to sell the hive tool/pry bar separately (but the carry the Red Devil brand for nearly the same price as the set by ToolShop). Note: The left most ‘pry bar’ in the picture is the hive tool.

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