Mar 03

New Building – Foundation

Our contractors started digging the footer for our new storage building in August.  That part went smoothly.   Their backhoe that was much bigger than our small Kubota BX22 made short work of the remains of the one tree stump we just couldn’t remove.  We had been chipping away at it for nearly a week with chain saws, axes, pick axes, shoves and the Kubota.  We did manage to get 2/3rds of it out, but it was once a huge tree and was going to be in the corner of the new building.

The concrete contractors moved in to start the walls and floor much quicker than I had anticipated.  I was planning on having a week or so to install drainage and dust collection pipes under the floor for future use but that didn’t happen.  Fortunately my small Kubota was able to ‘hop’ the foundation with wooden ramps and I installed what I needed to while the walls cured, just in time for the floor.   Still I missed the Allen County Fair completely this year to get my part of the job done.

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