Nov 09

End of the Season.

Another beekeeping season has come to an end.   As some of our readers have notice, I haven’t had the time to keep up on the website and blog as numerous other things had to be done instead.   So I’m a bit relieved to have made it through the season but also a bit worried about the bees this winter.   I haven’t had the time to do everything I should, so have I done enough?

The forecast for this weekend is predicting unseasonably warm temperatures which will hopefully allow us to get the last of the winterization done.  

  • Are mouse guards in place (for hives with an entrance wider than 3/8″
  • Insulation in place under the inner cover (for those hives with all season inner covers.
  • Check the upper entrance so moisture can escape during the winter.
  • Bottom board trays in place to cut down on the draft in hive. (Screened bottom boards only)
  • Last check of hive weights.   If they are light now you might have to feed fondant.
  • Cleanup any trash and junk in the bee yard and trim back any trees or bushes blocking access or that threaten to fall on the hives.

I had also hoped to relocate the nucs we are trying to overwinter so that they can be grouped together to share heat and so that they don’t blow over, but since the bees still are flying it’s not safe to relocate them by a few yards without loosing precious fall bees.   This task will have to wait until the forecast shows no go flying days in the near future.

As a side note, I’ve finally pulled the plug on the old website and am working on updating the new one.  So it’s a bit of a mess at the moment but heading the right direction.

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