Feb 12

End Of An Era

What goes up must come down. I hated to see the old barn come down. We had advertised the barn for sale for more than a year with no real interest at any price.  Even at $500 or best offer. (See the link for pictures before the tear down)

So it came time to take it down ourselves.  Even after cutting all the cross braces it proved too much for my little Kubota tractor and nearly proved to be too much for the neighboring farmer’s tractor.  At one point it was standing only by 6 posts and still wouldn’t fall.  But our persistence won out and with one final crack it came crashing down.   It was amazing how strong the structure still was.   On the other hand we found many completely rotted sections of posts and beams confirming that we really had to take it down and repair was not a viable option.

It wasn’t a complete loss though.  We were able to sell the slate to a company out of Columbus and salvaged the aluminum siding from the south side and heavy copper wire from the grounding rods.  Made nearly $500.   Also gave away whatever anyone wanted to haul off, beams, siding, etc.  At this point we still had a lot of work to remove all the debris from the site.

[Note: This post is from the fall of 2010.  It’s also been one reason I’ve been behind on my posts.]

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