Oct 24

Honey Stick Machine, Part 1

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am attempting to build my own automated honey stick machine. After making observations making hundreds of honey sticks using a manual method, and studing the machine the use to be on the market, I’ve decided to take a bit different approach. Of course any automated honey stick machine will follow the same basic steps, dispensing a straw, filling then sealing it; But I’m hoping the different approach will solve a few problems (and solve the biggest problem – the fact I don’t have one!)

Phidget InterfaceKit 8/8/8 Instead of a embedded controller, I’ve deciced to go with a USB interface to the computer, then simply program the computer to drive the machine. I’ve chosen the Phidgets Interface 8/8/8 as the USB interface (pictured to the right). It’s capable of driving 8 binary outputs as well as accepting 8 binary and 8 analog inputs. It’s also pretty easy to program in many different languages on both unix and windows machines. I will likely use Visual Basic as I’m very familiary with it. The only limitation that may be a problem is that it may be possible that more than 8 outputs are needed for controling solinoids, pumps, etc. However, instead of purchasing a second interface I intend to use to 3 to 8 decoder and a latch to turn on and off some of the outputs one at a time.

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  1. Claude

    Hey Tim

    Greetings from the North – N B Canada to be exact.

    I am a commercial beekeeper having made the jump from a steady pay check back in ’99.

    I used to sell honey sticks when I first started out at the local farmer’s market. They came from Fisher’s as I recall and also from GloryBee. Wonderfull sellers and a nice markup. Hope you succeed in making one as it sounds like you have the tech savvy. I’ll keep checking in to see your progress – perhaps I will be your first customer??

  2. Danny Cook

    Dear Sir,

    Were you able to make the manuel honey filler. I’m starting a small business, not in honey and am need of a manual stick filler for making a large batch of samples, however, I’m not in a position to afford a commercial unit.

    Thank you,

    1. Tim Arheit

      The best manual method we have found so far is here: Manual honey stick machine.
      It still is quite tedious, but it does work.

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