Nov 22

Another Honey Stick Machine

I recently was informed of another Honey Stick Machine it is on the market. It is not automatic, but sounds like it may work a bit faster than how I’ve currently been filling straws. It consists of a special pump that is made special in india that fills the straws with raw, unheated honey and special trasy that hold 14 straws for sealing. The gentleman selling them says that with two people he can fill and seal 1000 straws per hour.

The machine costs $1000 and is available from Dunbar Honey Farm, Jerry Dunbar, 586-770-9953. I do not know if that price includes the sealer or not (I’m assuming he uses an impulse sealer as I do). If anyone gets to see this machine or has one, please let me know what you think of it.

Update: The gentleman who is offering this machin says he knows the the person who purchased the Patent for the Sticky Machine and that that it isn’t being produced yet because he has been unable to get the design to work. This seems to confirm the rumors I’ve heard elsewhere. Dissapointing as I would have loved to save all the time and money of designing my own. I had some hope that the Sticky Machine would soon be on the market again as I have know some people who have seen the Sticky Machine’s Inventer with a working version of the machine, but it appears it won’t be any time soon.

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  1. Michel DANIEL

    I guess i got one of the last Machine Mister Dunbar sold. yes it works very good at low temperature (no need to heat) with my son we wre able to fill around 600 straws per hour. our only trouble is to find clients for this kind of package

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