Jan 23

2013 Beginning Beekeeping Class

The Northwest Ohio Beekeepers Association will be holding its annual Beginners Beekeeping class on Feb 16th.  This class is ideal for the beginning beekeeper, particularly if they don’t have bees yet or inherited a hive and don’t know an inner cover from a telescoping cover.  Topics covered will include basic honeybee biology, races of bees, package bees versus nucs and where to get bees, how to start a hive, new and used equipment, keeping bees in a residential setting, feeding, inspections, swarm control, disease and pest management, producing honey and other hive products and overwintering.

It will be held from 8:30AM to 4PM Saturday February 16th at the OSU campus in Lima, Ohio.  Cost is $30 and includes the book and membership to NWOBA. 

Last year will filled the room to capacity so space may be limited.   For more information see the NWOBA website.

For other classes and events elsewhere in Ohio see the Ohio State Beekeepers Association website.

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