May 05

Yet More Cures For The “Bee Problem”

I just received an email advertising yet another cure for the "Bee Problem".  Like the one offered by the ccdsolution.com that popped up in 2007, this one is a magic solution that is sprayed per acre.  Their theory is the problem with the bees is, in their words: bee populations are dying off, less and poorer honey is being realized, an increase of diseases and pests are killing bees, and Most bee environments are deficient in sugars and nectar, fewer blossoms lack aroma, and most crops are simply no longer able to sustain an attractive environment for healthy bees to live and thrive.

Now I would have thought that fewer blossoms lacking aroma would be a good thing, but I'm not the one with several well know (but completely unnamed) universities testing this cure according to their document.  They claim the cause (in short), are poor soils and synthetic chemical fertilizers rendering most soils incapable of growing healthy nutritious fruits and vegetables.  But they also claim organic farming often has the same problem.

A yellow fly that mimics a bee.Their cure… 'MicroSoil' (microsoil.com)… it's a formulation of naturally occuring soil microorganisms combined with enzymes, polysaccharide and polypeptides which is suppose to assist in the growth of nitrogen fixing microorganisms and all other beneficial and 'native soil microorganisms'.   Skipping all the big words in the document they sent which I'm sure is intended to wow most people, in short it's suppose to help nature extract the nutrients already in the soil.   How is this suppose to help bees?   More blooms, high BRIX content, high nutrient content in the blossoms, etc.   (Ignoring the fact they use term BRIX, the scale by which sugar content is measured, completely wrong).  The best part is…. their picture of a bee in their document is a FLY.  That really instills confidence if you have bought into their pitch so far.

The cost for this snake oil?    Only $295 for enough to treat 15 acres at this special beekeeper's introductory offer.  That's only  $157,000 dollars to treat the 8000 acres bees from a single apiary forages on.  Quite a steal considering the ccdsolutions solution costs half a million to treat the same area.

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  1. bagremov med

    It's fun how people think that adding more and more chemicals will help the bees. 

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