Sep 13

Snakes on a Plane, Bees on a Bike….

The TV add for the movie really didn’t interest me at all. But I must say I was pretty much lost after hearing the title of the movie. I suppose some would find even the metion of a snake scary, but it really doesn’t intrigue me at all. Plus the title doesn’t seem to leave anything to the imagination. Anaconda was one of those one word titles that made you want to know more. You knew it was a snake, a big snake, but it could be in your house or eating your dog rather than in some plane you aren’t in.

However, it did give me a great idea for a series of kids books. Here are some of the titles in the series:

  • Bees on a Bike
  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Pigs on a Bus
  • Cows in a Truck
  • Bees on a Bike
  • Birds on a Boat
  • Cats in a Car

You are more than welcome to use them as it’s not really something I’m good at (writing kids books and drawing). I’d love to hear from anyone who gets it published though.

(Note: I suppose this isn’t entirely off topic, I did find an article about a swarm of bees on a bike. Nothing a beekeeper would get excited about though, it looks to be barely enough bees to populate a small nuc.)

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