Jan 15

Please Ignore the Mess

Over the coming weeks I’ll be working on reorganizing this website and blog to hopefully make it easier to maintain and give it a bit of a facelift.   The main site was originally implemented in phpwcms which is a great simple php based CMS (Content management system).  It’s easy to setup and maintain, but between other sites I need to maintain, and other software required to run this site, it’s going to be easier to maintain everything in WordPress.  When this site was originally developed, wordpress really wasn’t a viable option, but it has matured significantly since.  Now with countless plugins available and the ease one can create their own plugin, it no longer makes sense to maintain two separate systems.

So for a while both the old and new will be running side by side but will eventually have the same content.  So please forgive me if the duplication is a bit confusing and please don’t trip over the tools on the floor.

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