Mar 31

Long Absence

Those who were reading my blog on a semi regular basis probably notice my absence for the past many months.  Rest assured all is well, though perhaps too much so.  My day job, programming for Data Business Systems, has kept me quite busy and my wife’s relatively new business, Busy B Realty, has been picking up steam in spite of the slow, and sometime outright stagnant housing market.  This also ment that as I became busier, I also had less help and just couldn’t keep up everything.  So the unnecessary had to be put off to the side.  Not a bad problem to have right now.

Also, some may not have been aware that I opened up a side business (The Ranco ETC Store) and it has been growing as well.  It really started as a offshoot of the temperature controllers I was oftering on this website and ties in nicely with my experience and education in electrical engineering.  It’s far from enough to quit the day job and focus more on bees, but it’s enough to make it worth while.

The good news is that while I’m busier than ever, the success of the Ranco store has allowed me to help out a couple out of work beekeepers who are virtually out of a job due to the current economy.  It should also help me focus more on growing the business, the bees, and of course post once in awhile to this blog.


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