Apr 30

For Sale – One Old Barn

[singlepic id=26 w=240 float=right] I hate to see old barns like this go, but there really is no salvaging it as a barn.  I was already too far gone when we purchased the property nearly 12 years ago and would cost far more to fix the foundation, siding and roof than a new building.   The foundation shift seems to have accelerated over the past couple years with the help of a groundhog.    It’s ok for storing beekeeping equipment out of the weather but I can see the day coming soon when it will need to come down.

I’ve seen others sell similar barn for the siding, shingles and heavy beams.   I certainly could use some of them in a new building and some great furnature for the house, but for the right price it would be worth parting with and just building with new material.  Any takers?  I know it won’t bring anywhere near the price of a new pole barn, but covering a down payment would be a start.

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