Jul 08

BP Oil

I know this is completely off topic (bee p related jokes aside) and has not been in the news as much recently despite being as much a problem as it has been since day one, but….   Is anyone else out there bothered by the fact that the best solution BP can come up with to solve the oil split is strait out of The Simpsons?   (Burns Slant Drilling Co.)  Honestly, it's the first thing that I though of when I heard it….

"All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten" – Robert Fulghum

"All I really need to be CEO of a multinational oil company I learned from The Simpsons"   – DOH!

Perhaps advice from The Simpsons works well or has for CEO's of other corporations… Circuit City comes to mind.  (To cut costs they fired experienced employees and hired Homers….)

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