Feb 08

Unseasonably Warm Weather

We are just a week into February and we have yet to have the really cold weather one expects in Ohio for January and February.  We really haven’t had a prolonged period that has been below freezing.  Last week we had a few days in the upper 40s and even a day that broke the 50 degree mark.  It’s still winter, right?

While the bees are doing well, I’m beginning to become concerned that the bees will use their winter stores up too quickly and starvation will be a real issue come March.   It’s still too early to worry too much, but come March 1st I’ll have to make a point to check hive weights, and recheck them every couple weeks.

The forecast for the next 10 is much the same with highs in the 30s, except of course for Saturday and Sunday when I don’t have to work the day job and planned on working in the unheated garage.  Isn’t that always the case?

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  1. Mil

    We have been having very strange weather also. Yesterday was raining, and now today is sunny. Luckily, the bees are out foraging, and I see pollen coming into the hives.

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