May 19

Swarm Removal by Zip Code

It's taken longer than I hoped for to get this feature up and running, but I now I'm pleased to announce that users can now search for beekeepers and companies that do swarm removal by zip code.  This should make it much easier for users to identify someone to do swarm removal who is near them.  This was becoming a bit of a problem in some states because we were getting quite a list users were having to sort though.  It is based on the latitude and longitude of the zip code, so it's not completely accurate when calculating the distance  (it's based on the centroid of the zip code area).  But it will give a good idea who is close to the swarm.

Search for swarm removal by zip code:

Want to get on our list for swarm removal.  Email us your name, contact information, zip code and any other information you think relevant to your listing.

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