Oct 23

Small hive beetles.

Small hive beetles are another one of those pests imported into the US (discovered in 1998).  While they can be a serious problem  in the Southeastern US, making a fermenting mess of the comb in the hive, they have yet to cause serious problems for most here in Ohio.  No one I’ve talked to has had a serious infestation with most only seeing a few on the bottom board or under the inner cover.  I myself have never seen them in my hives, that is until this year.  In my year end inspections I did find 2, one each under an inner cover of two hives at different apiaries.  I did catch one and am nearly sure but not 100% positive it’s a small hive beetle as there are many similar beetles in appearance.  I did not get pictures until it was dead for some time, so it’s body has shrunk and it’s legs and clubbed antenna have folded in.  You can see the clubbed antenna from the bottom view, and wing covers shorter than the abdomen.

I did hear some disturbing news about beetles in the county.  Apparently one beekeeper who purchased packages that came from the south also got a lot of small hive beetles in the deal and has been unable to get rid of the infestation.  It does make me glad we opted for the more expensive packages from the west that haven’t had the problem.  But it looks like something we’ll have to start keeping a closer watch on.  If they get a good foothold, they could make a real mess of the weaker mating nucs in short order.
 Back side of the small hive beetle
Top of the small hive beetle
 Bottom of the small hive beetle
Bottom of the small hive beetle

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