Nov 15

Pollen on the Increase?

According to researches, airborn pollen has increased over the past 25 year and will more than double in the next 28 years.  According to the news article, temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide are responsible for the increase.   Other than the negative effect on those of us who suffer from hay fever what does this mean to beekeepers?

Unfortunately I could not find the news release referenced in the article mentioned above on the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology website (or ACAAI for short), so we can only speculate at the moment.  Increased pollen may mean more resources available to honey bees, particularly protein that is needed to raise new bees.   This may mean larger, more productive hives and less need to feed pollen supplements.  (Sorry, it’s unlikely to produce large chihuahua sized bees, only more populous hives).   There is no mention that there would be any increase in nectar to feed the bees or result in larger honey crops in the article.  The cause of this phenomena listed in the article may have other negative effects on bees as well related to general climate change. In some areas beekeepers have noted certain flowers are producing less honey in recent warmer years than they had in the past.  The only thing I can say for certain is, beekeeping will continue to be a new adventure each season.

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