Jan 19

Petition to Ban Clothianidin

Not long ago in a bee sized version of the Wikileaks leak,  a beekeeper “leaked” an internal EPA document to the public the clearly shows the pesticide “Clothianidin” is toxic to bees.  Yet in spite of their own findings they chose to ignore the facts and instead based their decision to allow the sale of this pesticide based on a small flawed study.  This study assumed, among other things, that bees can’t fly more than a few hundred feet.  Even my 2nd grader was able to find this flaw in the study.  They also assumed that bees only will visit the closest flowers to the hive (also false).

Is this the cause of CCD and vanishing bees?  Probably not, but widespread use will have significant negative impact on the honeybee population and is just another problem commercial beekeepers struggling to stay in business have to worry about.

So Fresh and the producers of Vanishing of the Bees have started a petition urging the EPA to ban the sale of this poison that threatens bees.   You can view the petition and other information on the EPA memo and CCD here:  Petition to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

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  1. Michael Kammer

    This must end.

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