Jan 11

Pepsi Could Help Beekeeping

With your vote, Pepsi could help out beekeeping.   The following was received from the Ohio State Beekeepers association about a sophomore student who is in the running to get a beekeeping grant:

My daughter, Nicole, has been beekeeping with a mentor since she was 9 years old.  She is a Sophomore at Aurora High School, and has had a booth at the Hudson Farmer’s Market for the last three years.  She recently heard about a grant project that the Pepsi Corporation has put together, and submitted an idea for a grant.

Nicole would like to help the local farmers by putting beehives on their farms and orchards.  She currently is working with several farms in the area.  Nicole’s idea is to do more.  She has been asked by quite a few of the farmers at the Market to provide hives for their crops and would like to be able to help, but as you know, this is costly.  We are hoping Pepsi can help.

I am writing to you and all the area societies to ask for help.  Pepsi only gives the grants to those who have received enough votes from their peers to reach the top ten in the voting.  We need votes from people who realize the need for increasing the honeybee population and the need to get young people involved in beekeeping.

Can you please check out Nicole’s idea at www.refresheverything.com/savehoneybees.  You will see that she is dedicated to this project.

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