Jun 10

Open Mated NWC Queens Available

Every year throws a different set of challenges in beekeeping.  This year it was the terribly cold March and April that delayed the start of the season.   Even this week we had one customer delay his order because they had snow on the ground this week in Wisconsin. 

The good news is we are now caught up on open mated queen orders and are back on schedule and still have a few openings for queens later this month as well as the rest of the season.   Nucs are on track to be completed this week and we’ll be starting inseminated queens this week as well (only about a week late).

The bad news (for a queen producer) is that the honey flow is now on in earnest.  Hives are booming and need supered, mating nucs are being plugged with brood and/or honey.  For the beekeeper producing honey, this is a great thing.  But for me, the extra work removing supers to find brood to graft, time to remove full frames from mating nucs, is a minor annoyance.   But this is one problem we can turn to our advantage if we have the time.   Frames of brood from overpopulated mating nucs are used to make summer splits using queen cells, that will become the nucs for overwintering.

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