Feb 15

New Products – The Ultimate Hive Stand

Honey Run Apiaries now carries The Ultimate Hive Stand.  With snow on the ground today we haven’t had a chance to try it ourselves, but it looks like a well though out stand.  It’s lighter than the concrete blocks, and more rot resistant than the old pallets we  tend to use.  It’s easy to assemble and gets the hive off the cold wet ground.   It’s available for standard 10 frame, 8 frame and beemax size hived and has an optional frame rest built in.

In addition to looking great and the long list of features and benefits the manufacturer claims, I’m betting it will help with skunks by making them bare their underbelly and should be easy to trim around with the weed wacker.  It’s perfect for the hobbyist with a few hives in their garden.  I’m looking forward to the warm weather and trying it on our queen cell builders.  The extra height should make them easier on the back to work with.

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