Apr 22

Looking for Package Bees?

We just received our 3rd shipment of package bees from Gardner's Apiaries.  Like the past 3 shipments they have been on time and look to be in great shape.   We hived one ourselves from the first shipment and it is building up strong.  I've heard a lot of people still looking for packages or that have had their packages delayed and delayed again so I've been very pleased our have been on time.

The good new for those still looking is that as of this time Tony has 300 or so packages available for the May 6th pickup date and they can be picked up in Cincinnati, Columbus, Tipp City or here at my location near Lima.  But act fast, he needs to receive the order by April 29th.  Details and the order form are on his website at  olddrone.com

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  1. Brian

    So do they ship anywhere?  How does that all work? I was thinking of getting started.

  2. Tim Arheit

    Some dealers will ship them directly to you by USPS or UPS.  It depends on dealer if they will do this.  I generally recommend you try to pick them up directly for a local dealer if it's within driving distance, and if you must have them shipped, have them shipped directly from the package producer.

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