Oct 18

Is Fall Here Yet?

It’s hard to believe by looking outside that it’s well into Fall and bee season should basically be over.  But the temperatures are still in the upper 60’s and into the 70’s with no chance of frost yet in the 10 day forecast.  What a huge change from last year with it’s cool wet weather and early frost that virtually eliminated any fall flow from goldenrod or aster.  The bees have been packing away stores and are very heavy for winter, yet the queens are still laying in any available space they can find.  I’m hoping that is a very promising sign for this coming winter and spring.
We have been feeding some of the very late splits that were only a single deep just 6 weeks ago.  Most have taken the syrup quickly and built up population on the pollen flow from goldenrod and aster that we’ll be able to stop feeding before it gets cold.  It’s really been a great finish to a year that started off so poorly.

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