Aug 15

Harvesting Time

Over the past couple week the weather has been very hot an humid and generally very little wind.  It’s been unpleasant to do just about anything as you break out in a heavy sweat doing anything more than sitting still in front of the fan.  The bees thought so too and spent a great deal of time simply hanging out in front of the hives.  Even hives with screened bottom boards and upper ventilation were bearding heavily with the high heat and humidity at this time where their population is at it’s peak.

Fortunately the unbearably hot weather has abated and the past several nights have been rather cool.  Just in time since we are completely out of honey to sell and county fair is just a few days away.  So last night all the extracting tanks and equipment was cleaned, fresh cardboard was taped to the floor to make cleanup easier and this evening we hope to begin pulling honey off the hives and extracting it.  It can’t be soon enough because I have call from customers every day now wanting to know if we have honey yet, and I desperately need some empty drawn comb for later splits I had made.  In fact last week I resorted to giving the strongest ones boxes with new foundation because they simply could not go another day without some place to build.

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