Sep 20

Found a Queen!

In the worst possible place.

This past weekend was spent combining mating nucs back into full size hives and inspecting the rest of my hives. I actually took Friday off of work and spend 3 solid days doing nothing but combining and inspecting. If it weren’t for the heavy fog Friday and Saturday morning I could report I had all hives inspected. But as it was, I still have about 20 left to inspect and another 30 to double check to ensure they accepted their queen. But I’ve got plenty of queens available just incase as I banked all the extra queens I had from combining nucs.

This week has been cool and wet. Great weather really for staying inside and extracting. With luck I’ll be finished before the weekend. But last night I had a rather unexpected find. I found a queen. I’ve seen queens hide in hives just about everywhere they shouldn’t be. On the sides of the hive bodies, even under a Sundance pollen trap. But this poor queen was found in a honey super that was sitting in my garage for nearly 2 weeks. There is no telling what hive she came from. Hopefully she came from the one queenless hive I ran into during inspection and had already requeened. But there is still a fair chance she came from one of the hives yet to be inspected. And judging by the weather, it’s not likely I’ll have a good chance to inspect them all this weekend.

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