Apr 03

First Swarm of the Year

Hard to believe the first swarm call was on April 2nd.   It shouldn’t be overly surprising though given our warm March weather.  Hives are bursting with bees and need room now.

You need to get out in your hives the first chance you get and reverse hive bodies or add supers to give them more room or your hives will soon be looking like this.

I manage to visit three of my yards this evening after work and most had a lot of activity in the top box.   The hives have lots of drone brood and honey plastered up against the inner cover in many of the hives.  I didn’t have time to do much so instead of rotating brood boxes I just added supers.   It was faster, and it let me hit more than one yard, but it does mean I’ll have to go back later when I have time and rotate boxes if they need it.  But when you have more than a few hives you need to make these trade offs.   Super all the hives, or rotate a few and chase the swarms from those you didn’t have time to rotate.

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