Oct 20

Fall Is Here

Last week brought our first hard freeze finishing off what goldenrod remained and the last of the tomatoes in the garden.  Only the small white asters remain for the bees.  Most of the hives are all set for winter and have plenty of stores, but I am still feeding quite a few of the mid summer splits and built up mating nucs, and probably will be feeding as long as they will take it.  The splits simply did not build up this summer like they normally do but it’s not terribly surprising when the honey harvest itself was off 50%.

I am feeding sugar syrup this year.  It is a bit more work to prepare the 2:1 sugar syrup than using HFCS (corn syrup), but a honey creaming mixer on a 1/2″ drill makes pretty quick work of it.   The positive side is that it ends up being much cheaper than HFCS because I’ve found a place to buy damaged sugar (grocery store returns).
One other last task remains as the long cold and windy winter sets in.  As the windy weather of the past week reminded me with hive tops blown off at my house, I need go get bricks back on all the hives.

It will be about 6 months (March) before nectar and pollen are available again.

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