Mar 07

CCD is Still A Problem

I was hoping the silence on television, radio and the newspaper was a sign that CCD had gone away as quickly as it came, or at least wouldn’t be as big a problem as it was for many last year.  Apparently that may not be the case. Maryam Henein, who is working on a documentary about CCD, wrote in Kim Flottum’s blog that the largest beekeeper in the US apparently has been stricken by CCD.  She describes a sickening scene where nearly 40,000 hives moved  to holding yards in California in preparation for this years Almond pollination are now  were empty.

Maybe it simply hasn’t hit the news yet since many hives are still snow covered and beekeepers haven’t yet checked their hives.  But I’m still hopeful that the loss won’t be so widespread as last year.  My own hives seem ok at this point, but spring isn’t here yet.

Update: CBS ran a story tonight on the above including an interview with the beekeeper Kim Flottum’s blog mentioned.  No new news unfortunately, just a very ugly picture.

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