Apr 24

Buzzing Trees

There is nothing quite so wonderful and calming as walking by a tree in full bloom and listening to the tree literally humming with activity.  This was the picture today (Thursday) as the pear trees were blooming today under a perfectly clear sky.  Some trees were just starting to bloom, and others like the one pictured were in full bloom with dozens of bees working the flowers.  I would have loved to just take a nap under the tree watching the bees instead of heading back inside to my day job….. perhaps one day…

Honeybee On a Pear Tree

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  1. California Bee Lover

    Gorgeous picture! Love the website. Thanks for putting it together.

  2. Joe Ferrell

    This is how I discovered bees love Wax Privets. My neighbor up the street has a huge one and walking by it a few years ago the hum was LOUD. I went out and bought eight of them for my yard. 🙂

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