Sep 08

Bees Everywhere.

Robbing Bees #1It didn’t work. I had attempted to attract the bees away from the honey house by putting out wet supers nearby (within 100′). But they clearly were more interested in the honey house than ever. When I returned home on Thursday there were more bees in the building than ever. Most seemed to be getting in the corners of the garage door where a swarm like mass of them had formed, but this entrance was limited in size and others were getting in every crack they could find.

Fortunately I had covered every tank, bucket, the extractor and other equipment with towels which kept them out of the extracted honey. But they were getting into the stacks of honey supers waiting ot be extracted. Thousands of them were swarming around the window and the light in the room.

Bees swarming on a window.   Swarms of bees attracted by a light.

Near dusk I was able to evacuate most of them by opening the garage door, placing a bright light outside and alternately turning on and off the large florecent lights in the workshop.

After extracting was finished for the night every stack of supers was completely sealed with pallet wrap, and every piece of equipment (extractor, uncappping tank), etc.) with honey in it was sealed with pallet wrap and duct tape. I had hoped this would cut down on the smell of honey and put an end to the robbing. Or at worst case would keep them out of the honey itself.
By 7:30 Friday morning the bees had already started trying to get in the workshop. They were already trained to the source and no matter of sealing the honey would keep the out of the building. So I let them in. I opened the door so they could come and go as they pleased. I’m hoping that once they find there is nothing left (that they can get to), they’ll let me extract in peace. I hope I don’t find a mess when I get home from work.

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  1. Anthony

    Great post I had a hard time locally finding information on beekeeping. The local book stores had NOTHING on the matter..

    I found a book that was actually quite good for free from snipfiles (they give away books that most people sell). I want to share it for all you other beekeepers in training.


    Again it’s free – nothing required to download it

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