Oct 21

Another beautiful day.

Honeybee Collecting propolisStill incredibly good weather for this month.  There isn’t much left for the bees to work as the goldenrod has finished blooming and is going to seed, and just about everything else left is drying up.  Strangely, the bees don’t seem to be too interested in robbing as I would expect in such a dearth.  They also don’t seem to have any interest in open feed pollen substitute like they typically do this year. 

They are however very interested in any old equipment sitting around.  They are collecting propolis from anywhere they can get it, with preference for the easy pickings.  Of course ‘easy’ is a relative term.  While there is a good buildup on old equipment, and sometimes on external parts of the hive, it looks like a real struggle to chew off the sticky stuff and put it on their legs for transport back to the hive.  Watch for yourself in this video…

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