Nov 11

A Skyride for Bees

Old beekeeping articles always fascinate me, both for the knowledge and insight that often was forgotten and has been reintroduced as a new things,  and also for the ideas that apparently didn’t seem to make it off the ground.   This is an example of the latter.   I have yet to see any beekeeper with a skyride or ski lift system to move supers from their bee yard into their honey house as this clipping from the March 1916 issue of Bee Culture shows.   It might have been more practical if  several hundred hives could be kept year round in the same location, but the hives would likely starve and produce no honey because there would not be enough forage to support them all.  The cost of $200 in 1916 equates to about $4200 in 2012, which would be enough to buy an entry level or used ATV with a small bed to transport supers in the bee yard today.   The other option, and the one we went with, was to simply widen the path leading to the bee year so that we can drive the truck to the bees.   This would be fun to see in operation though.

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