Jan 15

2013 Package Bees

packagesInformation on this years package bees are finally available.  Pickup Dates will be March 21st, April 4th and April 18th.

The March 21st date is generally not recommended for the beginner or starting a new hive on foundation as it’s typically too cool for the bees to draw comb well (2012 was an unusual exception to this however).   The march date is a great date for those installing bees on drawn comb, particularly if honey and pollen is available from dead outs.

Generally it will be warmer for the April dates making it a better choice for the beginner because it’s easier to install packages when it’s warmer and the bees will draw comb and forage for their own pollen.   It is still necessary to feed a new package.

More details are available here: 2013 Package Bees.

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