Feb 11

Beekeeping in Style

So what do you picture a beekeeper wearing… a boring white suit of course, often dirty and stained up with propolis and dirt.  I’ve mentioned to my wife before that I though there might be market for more stylish suits, particular with all the new hobbiests starting beekeeping these past few years, many of them women.  So what should I see in the latest issue of Bee Culture?  Colorfull bee suits offered by Blue Sky Bee Company.   Guess I’m too slow again.   Still might be market for suits with patterns, and I don’t see a jacket being offered yet.

My daughter would love these suits (she’s a style freak).  But for myself, I’ll stick to my jeans and boring white jacket, if a wear a suit at all.

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  1. Livestock Kenya

    The bee suits look stylish and colorful. I am sure they will gain acceptance readily especially to those with a stylish taste. But i ask myself why the white color was chosen in the first place. Probably it was out of necessity given that bees do not see white colors.

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