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Beekeeping Plans

Plans available here are free for personal or non-profit use. There are more plans available on beesource.com You do need to have Adobe Acrobat. It can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com



Screened Bottom Board
Screened bottom board
View Plans
Screened bottom board
Screened bottom board
Alternate Style with corrugated plastic sheet for Varroa detection.
View Plans, Buy screened bottom boards or corrugated plastic for the ones you build.
Solid bottom board
Non reversible.
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All Season Inner Cover
Provides passive ventilation and insulation in winter.
View Plans or Buy one now
Large Observation hive
View Plans or Pictures
5 Frame Queen Cell Incubator
View Plans or more Pictures and details.
For a simpler model see the plans below.
Queen Cell Incubator Simplified 5 frame queen cell incubator.  This doesn’t have all the complex parts to cut out the above incubator has and is therefore much easier to build.  It doesn’t have the double walls with insulation, but the wood provides enough in most cases.
View plans.  The digital temperature controller is now available in our store to build your own and the finished units are available as well.
5 Frame Nuc Plans

The 5 frame nuc. Suitable for use as a mating nuc or for splitting your hives. It’s simple 2 piece design makes it more convenient, and the small entrance is defendable for a weak nuc but large enough for even the strongest nuc. The partially screened bottom provides ventilation for moving and can be closed off in cold weather.
View Plans or Buy one online.

Note: There is a small typo in the dimensions:  The front and sides should either be 10 1/8″ tall for a deep nuc, or 7 1/8″ tall for a medium nuc.


Boardman Feeder Plans Boardman (Entrance) Feeder
This feeder fits in the entrance of the hive.  It is simple to use without disturbing the bees much, but care should be taken so as not to cause robbing because of it’s proximity to the entrance.  It is also not good for cold weather feeding as the bees won’t break the cluster to access the feeder.   One other good use of this feeder is to supply water to the bees when the weather is hot and dry.
Plans submitted by Jeffrey A. Jamrosz

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